Guttenberg, Iowa                                       

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We are located at Winegar Works Marina in Guttenberg, Iowa.  The marina is just north of lock and dam #10 on the Mississippi River.




We typically see one or more barges on our charters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our charter services and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send us an email to missrivercharters@gmail.com



Is there a Bathroom on the boat? 

  The 17ft Boston Whaler does not have bathroom accomodations, but we can stop at many sandbars. 


Can we extend our charter while out on the river?

Yes, if the boat isn't already booked for later that day.


What if it rains and we are booked to go out?

We watch the weather very closely and would NEVER put any of our clients in harms way or show them a nasty day.

If it looks like it will be an all-trip rain we will cancel the trip and refund the deposit.


Can we bring alcoholic beverages?

You certainly can, but may only be consumed by adults 21 years of age and older.

The Captain retains the right to not accept clients for a charter or return to dock if a client(s) become too intoxicated.

In this case, there is no refund and the full charter fee will be charged.


Can we bring marijuana or other drugs on the boat?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! - while it may be legal in some states, it is not legal in Iowa and Wisconsin.

If we discover one of our clients has a controlled substance with them we will terminate the charter and

still charge the full charter rate. 


Can we bring a gun on the boat?

Guns are not allowed on any of our charters.  If discovered the charter will be terminated and

we will still charge the full charter rate.


How many people will be on the boat with us?

Up to 6 is allowed on our boat.  Please do not bring more than six as U.S.C.G. regulations

prohibit more than that on our boat.


Do we have to tip?

On our boat tips are accepted but not solicited.  If you had a great experience it is not uncommon for a 20% tip.